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    Premiere Elements 10 - Best Companion Instruction Book?


      I just bought PE10 and am thinking about buying an instruction book and I would like to get one that covers the broadest areas of the program and hopefully goes beyond the scripted settings to reveal ways of doing custom effects, etc. while instructing in the most clear and effective way. I own CS5 and I am experienced in Photoshop, but have not used movie editing programs very much. I was impressed with two books on the market and both are about the same price: The Adobe PE10 Classroom in a Book for about $35 on Amazon and the similar Muvipix.com Guide to PE10 (color version) for slightly more at $40  Unfortunately, our local Borders Bookstore went under so I have no way of checking these two out to see which one covers the most in the most effective manner, so I hope there is some help here on the forum with so many here who are much more familiar with the program and probably have familiarity with both books, (maybe from PE9, which probably isn't too much different). I'm sure they are both excellent books, but would like to hear some feedback on what might be the advantages of one over the over, etc. It appears that the Muvipix book doesn't include a companion disk of files, but maybe that isn't a problem?


      Thanks everyone, and I look forward to your feedback.