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    Dynamic (XML) PDF on an Android

    SierraHotel14 Community Member

      I am creating a dynamic PDF checklist in Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2 (Adobe Acrobat Professional X) that I want to distribute to Android based phones to have the form filled out.  The Dynamic part of the form shows the header but hides the content so that only applicable content is showed on the final form (and other the phone).  However, the Acrobat Reader X for Android (or any other phone) will not support the dynamic portion (showing the hidden content).  I know it works on a desktop, but does not work on the Android operating system (it just does not recognise it as a PDF).  A static form will require all of the fields and content to be visible, quadrupeling (or more) the size of the form and likely prompting much eye glazing.  Third party software does not seem to solve the issue.


      Is Adobe planning on making Acrobat for Android compatible with thier other software (LiveCycle ES2) and creations from thier other software?


      Will this work on another mobile (preferably phone) platform?


      Is there a foreseeable work-around or third party software that would make this possible?


      ezPDF Reader says it will not support dynamic .PDF's.  qPDF Notes says they support static .PDF's, but not dynamic .PDF's...yet.  Adobe Acrobat Reader X will not even support static .PDF's to fill in the forms.


      Thank you in advance for any assistance...