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    Best Computer For Premiere Pro CS4


      I have used Premiere Pro CS4 on a few different types of computers so far; some work better than others. The one I currently have works pretty good, but when my projects become complex, my system begins running very slow, and the program unexpectedly shuts down very often, so I have to keep saving my project after ever little action. I am currently using a Dell Precision T3500.


      I am now looking for a new computer that will run smoothly even with highly complex Premiere Pro Projects, but at the same time I do not want to spend more money than I need to.

      Does anyone have any suggestions? Any insight I can get on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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          Which CPU is your T3500 equipped with? How much RAM is installed? How many hard drives? Which graphics card (GPU)?


          If you're going to continue using CS4 (which does not take full advantage of systems such as yours), and you have one of the lower-end configurations, a new build is definitely in order: Dell charges you an astronomical price just to upgrade anything at all from the (underpowered) base configuration. For CS4, go relatively heavy on the CPU but not so much on the RAM or GPU.


          However, your system could warrant an upgrade to CS5.5 if that system has already been upgraded at the factory with faster CPUs and GPUs or if that system has already been equipped with a hexa-core Xeon W36xx series CPU and you're willing to upgrade the graphics card and/or RAM yourself.