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    InDesign CS5 no access to Layers Panel


      I have InDesign CS5, version 7.0.4. on Windows 7 and I have noticed that the Layers Panel has disappeared. I have tried, choosing another workspace; going to the Window menu and choosing layers; pressed F7; opened another document where I knew I had layers. I cannot do anything to show the Layers Panel. I checked with my Adobe Application Manager and it says that my updates are all up-to-date. I don't use layers very often in InDesign so I don't know when this happened. I have a feeling that an update might have changed things. Since installing the last update (that was some time ago) and when I minimize ID I can always see two windows, even though I only opened one. When you hover over the minimised icon the title of the second window is "HWNDBasedPanelView UID:600".This probably doesn't have anything to do with layers panel disappearing but I thought I would mentioned it. Any suggestions?