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    Exporting From Book Files

    Ken Krugh

      We've scripted a dialog that reads our various PDF export settings from the network and allows our operators to easily do our most common output tasks using those settings. This way we don't have to update on each machine.


      I want to add support for exporting chapters from a book file but have been disappointed by the fact that when the book is exported from a script it doesn't do that very handy check for overset text.


      I know I can write something to check each story in each file to make sure there is no overset text but is there a way to make InD do the same check as when you export from the book fly-out?


      Also, I don't see away to tell in a script which documents are selected in a book. Is there one? It would be less work for me if I could just get the info from the book as to which documents are selected rather than having to create and manage my own list on the dialog.