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    epub document q's


      i made my first epub file for personal use and just to fool around to see what it looks like.

      i do not have a tablet so the only thing i can preview with is what indesign provides, kindle app, calibre and

      my lg optimus phone with kindle app.


      image 1&2 is from indesign and what i expect it to look like on an e-reader.

      image three is what it looks like default in the kindle app on my phone. the white border is

      my question. the images are supposed to be tight against the left and right side of the page in indesign, thinking it should

      look like this in the kindle app or reader. but when i view it on the phone(kindle app) it shows a white boarder on the right and left side where the pages are supposed to be all the way left and right. like a boarder.


      i'm not familiar with e-readers or ipad. is this normal or should the pages like image 1 be filling the frame?


      document setup with images no text.


      6in width x 9in height facing pages

      ( approx. each image - images 150 dpi, 1275w x 1800h, 2.8mb )

      all pages have separate articles.

      export options - custom rasterization, relative to page width and res 150.

      file sizes seem high- epub file is 24mb, mobi file is 21.4mb?


      on the phone it seems a little slow and sometimes skippy.

      other than that it looks great, even when it's zooms in all the way.


      is the file size too big?

      is there a standard size document for all readers?

      should the document be in inches or pixels?



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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There's no such thing as facing pages in an epub. If you expect what you see in InDesign to be what you get in an epub you're going to be sorely disappointed. Further you need to be able to edit HTML and CSS to successfully and painlessly work with epub.


          A couple of suggestions.


          1. Buy Liz Castro's excellent "EPUB Straight to the Point": http://amzn.to/rsBIxS

          2. Check out Anne-Marie Concepcion's topics on Lynda.com. This link will get you a free one-week trial: http://bit.ly/fcGpiI