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    javascript var for cf tag to read

      I'm having trouble getting coldfusion to read my javascript output for coldfusion to process.

      I am generating a list of records based on a query. Every record is written inside a table. Each table's height is undetermined until the data is generated. However, I get this number (each table's height) by calling a javascript function. My goal is to output a pdf page that is generated dynamically based on a query to print without a record spilling onto the next page. This I can accomplish by placing <cfdocumentitem type=pagebreak> at appropiate places. However, when I call my javascript function to write a cfdocumentitem tag, coldfusion throws an error alerting that this tag needs to be inside a cfdocument tag. Now we all know that javascript doesn't work inside a cfdocumet tag which is why I am placing it outside of these tags, saving it to cfsavecontent tag and loading this inside the cfdocument tag. I tried replacing the <> (opening and closing angle brackets) with &lt; and &gt; and it bypasses coldfusion's error page but then coldfusion doesn't process my cfdocument tag.

      Below is just my javascript code to simplify my code. I can provide the rest if necessary.

      Can anybody help?



      <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

      function getHeight(table)
      var myHeight = window.document.getElementById(table).offsetHeight;
      if (myHeight == 136) {
      document.write('<cfdocumentitem type = "pagebreak" />');