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    Starting out: How to make crawling titles


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      I'm new to this and I searched Classroom in a Book, the After Effects help and this forum but wasn't sure what to search for. I have a 10-minute clip from Premiere Pro CS5 that I'd like to bring in to After Effects and do various things with. First I'd like to make a series of crawling titles, each lasting 10 seconds or so. The first title will say where you are, the second a little more about the place, and so on.


      When I create a text layer on the Premiere sequence, the text continues throughout the 10-minute clip. I'd like to make it stop after about 10 seconds and then start another title.


      Does that require me to split up the Premiere Pro sequence first, and if so, how?

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          666SteveJ Level 1

          As a start, I use the Opacity property with keyframes on the text layer but that isn't making me happy. Every text layer starts at the beginning of the clip so I have to keyframe all of them from there.


          Is there a way to start a text layer at some arbitrary point in the clip?

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You can do crawling or rolling titles directly in Premiere. You can also do them in After Effects. You just put them where you want them in the timeline, set the in and out points, and animate position. Speed is critical to avoid juddering titles, especially when doing a text roll.


            You can set the opacity keyframes anywhere you like, and you can set the in and out points. If you're going to do this in After Effects I suggest that you read the Getting Started sections and take a look at basic workflow and basic animation.


            There are some advanced techniques that I posted on this forum recently, but I'm going to wait to give you a link until you're a little more familiar with the program.

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              bogiesan Level 4

              These conversations fascinate me. In the olden days, no one would have thought about brining a clip into After Effects to put titles over it. We'd have created the title animation in AE and taken the alpha movie back to the editing application. The tight integration of Adobe's video applications seems to have confused what used to be a fairly obvious workflow by offering so may different ways to accomplish the same thing.


              After Effects is weirdly complex. Using AE to do simple tasks is one fo the better ways to learn how it works.

              666, stick with it, you'll figure it out.



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                poofyboy Level 1

                Thanks very much! This has gotten me started and, together with Classroom in a Book, I'm sure I'll be pulling my hair out with more intractable problems soon!

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                  poofyboy Level 1

                  Name one thing that technology has made simpler ...


                  All I have is a bunch of tools and a stupid idea. By learning how to do what I have in mind I might be able to figure out how to use these applications to suit me.