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    Can I de-interlace in Premiere Elements 10?


      I'm capturing a VHS tape recording of a standard definition 3:4 TV program via a VCR passed through a mini-DV camera then into Premiere Elements 10.


      When played back on a HD screen there a interlace lines visible whenever there is an movement in a scene.


      Is there an optimal capture setting in PE10 which will minimise or remove these lines? I'm using the PAL DV Standard 48Khz preset.


      Or will I have to resort to some post-processing to blur away the lines?


      Playback will be from a pc & I don't plan to write the file out to a disc (bluray).


      Thanks in advance...Max

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          nealeh Level 5

          VHS tape is low resolution to start with. So even for a DVD PRE has to upscale your captured footage a lot. For HD the upscaling is even more dramatic. Two things to check though -


          • in Windows is your monitor display resolution the same as the native resolution of the monitor?
          • how does your video look if played in something like VLC player where scaling is set at 1:1 and fullscreen view is off?


          If you have the money you could also try capturing your VHS with dedicated bridge hardware (I use the Canopus ADVC300) rather than through the miniDV camera. And, for post processing, look into Red Giants Magic Bullet Instant HD software.


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