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    Premiere Elements 10 - Organiser 100% CPU


      Hi there folks, I hope someone can help me!

      I've recently bought the combined Photoshop & Premier Elements 10 package and installed it on my system, however I am having a massive problem with the Organiser.

      When I load either of the programs my CPU usage shoots up to 100% and my system runs very slowly.. if I quit it also keeps the process running in the background at 100% cpu..

      If I end the process my system returns to normal.

      Also the organiser does not show thumbnails for all of my video clips - only some.


      Does anyone know what could be causing this? I've tried removing and reinstalling it with no luck!


      Thanks in advance!


      System spec:

      Intel i5 2500 running at stock speed, 8gb DDR3-1600 Vengence, Asus H67 board, Intel 80gb SSD, Samsung Spinpoint 1Tb HDD, Windows 7 HP 64bit, Norton IS 2012, Klite mega codec pack, VLC media player