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    Flash Builder for PHP and its knowing functions

    Frank F._ Level 1

      I started my first project and almost always need to connect to a MSSQL server

      Since PHP no longer supports the mssql extension, I've downloaded from the Microsoft SQLSRV driver and installed on the Webserver.


      Calling phpinfo() tells me, that the sqlsrv extension is enabled.


      I've created a new Project with new -> Flex and PHP Project and leave almost all options to default settings. I think, for my question the important property is "create project on local server".

      Now I've created a PHP class that builds a connection to a MSSQL server. But every line, that contains a "sqlsrv_xxx" command a warning "call to undefined function".


      How does the program determines what functions it knows, is this also controlled via PHP.ini and how can I modify this?




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          There are folders in the workspace look like that: PATH_TO_WORKSPACE\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.php.core\__language__\f1e719ac


          These folders containing PHP files with the function definitions. If you copy a file there and restart the IDE, the functions are knowen to the system.


          I fear you will not find a file with the new functions for MSSQL. The old one mssql.php is in the directory, this can be a starting point for you.