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    Flash Update via SCUP Problem




      I am deploying Updates via SCUP and SCCM to hundreds of Computers.

      Fortunately Adobe provides an SCCM Update Catalog for both Adobe Flash ActiveX and Adobe Flash Plugin.


      But now my Problem:

      After publishing the Update via SCCM, the client is not supposed to be interfered with the Update Progress (which is working)


      I figured the Updater works like this:

      First SCCM checks if a Update needs to be deployed, if this is the case, The Flash Updater begins.

      First the old Flash Version is beeing uninstalled.

      But now: if the Client has a Browser Window (IE, or Firefox) open, the Updater is not able to install the new Flash Version and quits with an Error.


      This leaves the Client PC without any Flash (because its being uninstalled before)


      How can I prevent Flash being uninstalled due to the Update progress not working while a Browser window is open?


      Thank you very much!

      Sincerely Martin