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    InDesign CS5 - TOC customisation

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      I've got a 200+ page book which uses x3 TOCs for different purposes. All work as I would expect.

      However one of my TOCs contains a list of advertisers which lists the Advertiser name and it's relative page number.


      Apart from the main text pages there are adverts that appear on the IFC, IBC and OBC of the book.


      I have the cover pages set up as OBC/spine/OFC and IFC/spine/IBC with custom page sizes and section prefixes.


      Is there any way of preventing the TOC from generating the page number after the prefix in these instances, I assume that pages must be auto numbered to feature in the TOC?


      Advertiser 1................ IBC6


      Advertiser 2............. ..OBC1


      Advertiser 3.............. IFC4



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I'm not sure I understand what you are asking, but I think you are saying you want the section prefix, but not the page numbers, for those listings. As far as I know you can't  automate removal of the numbers, but there's nothing to prevent you from editing the TOC to remove them manually (or with find/change using GREP) after the TOC has been generated.

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            seb400 Level 1

            Thanks Peter,

            Tha't exactly what I want, you've confirmed what I feared. I hate it when you're able to configure something automatically and still have to remeber to go back and modify it. I'll write a GREP string to search and replace.