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    AS3 to PHP

    McbainGames11 Level 2



      Just wondering how do i integrate a php file with flash to get and recieve variables through the php file from as3?


      I would like to start off by putting as3 variables into php database.


      Then i would like to connect with an as3 variable from php to change the variable to something from the database.


      I know PHP so that isn't a problem



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You'll need to search Google for a tutorial.  Try using terms like "AS3 PHP tutorial" and "AS3 PHP URLVariables tutorial"

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            McbainGames11 Level 2

            To hard and long to explain here in this thread?

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Is that a sincere question or a smart-a**ed reply?

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                McbainGames11 Level 2

                Sincere, because if it that hard for someone to explain I am frightened from learning it :O

                Most tutorials make advanced code and add things I don't need so it makes the code big and don't know how to simplify it to easier method.Thanks for your time.

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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  In that case, what you are asking for is beyond the level of effort you should expect in a forum.  What you are asking for requires a tutorial level of response.  "Hard" is a relative term, and you can only judge that relative to yourself. 


                  As for your appraisal of tutorials, I disagree.  I would say most show the code needed to support the lesson -- the problem for you might just be that the lesson is not what you really want to take the time to learn.  That the code might seem advanced to you should be a clue that what you are trying to learn about is advanced.


                  If you come to a forum with something to show in the way of effort, and have relevant code to show that is not working for you, then you can often get detailed help.  But if you come with a general "how do I" request, you should expect to be handed directions of where to go to find a lesson. If that happens enough you might eventually learn that you don't need to ask and can find informaton on your own.  I have found that the Flash help documentation, Google, and trial and error can help me solve just about anything.