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    AS2 call javascript function of another webpage. help :)

    Alex_Birchler Level 1


      I have an swf in as2 and when I click a button, I want to open a new html page, and in that page I have a function that depend of the value, i show or hide one table

      the question is, how can I open that page and send that value, and in that page show or hide that table?

      I have made the swf, and the html

      I am using getURL('../test.html?viewHide='2, '_self'); that is sending the value, but I can´t do the function works.

      in the html I have this

      function viewHide(id)


      var targetId, srcElement, targetElement;

      var targetElement = document.getElementById(id);

      if (targetElement.style.display == "none") {

      targetElement.style.display = "";

      } else {

      targetElement.style.display = "none";





      thanks a lot