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    PE9 Burn failure at 95% causes entire computer to crash


      Hi - I hope someone can help.


      I am puttig together clips from mobile phones and various other devices of the first year of a babies life, it includes audio tracks on the soundtrack line as well as the audio and video on track 1. I have also included a pan&zoom slideshow of images and the total length is approx 1hr20mins.


      I am not sure what the problem is, but after the disc menus (there are 4) have all encoded, the programme gets to 95% and then crashes, but it doesn't just crash the programme, it actually crashes my whole system whereby I can't use my mouse, or the keyboard to close anything.


      Last week the system was working perfectly, and I have tried saving the whole movie as an mpeg to my computer which has worked perfectly, but there is something preventing the burn to finish.


      I am using a Dell XPS 17 with intel i5 core processor, to hard drives (C and D) with 1TB RAM total. I use an Nvidia graphics card and have RealTek HD audio. (not sure if you need all that or if it's even the right stuff to tell you!)


      Please help!!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You've probably got a number of issues going on that are overloading the program. It's also possible you don't have enough clean, freshly defragmented space on your C and D drives. Even if these drives are huge, fragmentation to keep Premiere Elements from grabbing the contiguous space it needs. You are working a) an unusually huge video for a DVD (DVDs can only hold about 70 minutes of video), b) you may be using unnecessary large photos (see below) which can choke the program and c) you don't say where your video is coming from, but Premiere Elements needs to work much harder on video that's not miniDV, HDV or AVCHD -- and these elements are all combining into a program meltdown.


          First, when you set up your Premiere Elements project, which project settings did you select? Have you ensured that this setting matches precisely your video footage? If it does, you should see no red lines above the clips on your timeline before add effects to them. Is this the case in your project?


          Second, have you ensured that your photos are not larger than 1000x750 pixels in size? Using photos directly from a camera (some of which can be many times video resolution) are the chief cause of program choke.


          Have you rendered your timeline (press Enter) whenever you see red lines above your clips on the timeline? When your timeline is rendered (the red lines turn green) your program will perform more efficiently and you'll have less issues with transcoding your DVD. However even this does not overcome the issues listed above.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            With the system crash, you should get some good tips from this ARTICLE.


            Good luck,



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              planetmz Level 1

              Thank you so much! I reduced the size of all the photos and then rendered the entire movie (who knew!!) and it has worked perfectly.

              Brilliant help!!