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    Help With PDF FILE Conversion

    NOAM1991 Level 1


      I’ve been using Flash Professional CS 5.5 to create a “simple presentation” for a project I want funding for, which must be presented in a PDF format. I used CS5.5 thinking that the simple presentation template and the program in general was simple enough to just convert into a PDF, but I guess there are a lot of coding issues that don’t make that easy.

      So what I’m asking for help on is how to convert my presentation (which has no animations...only graphics, texts, and a total of 8 key frames) into a PDF file.

      It appears the closest I’ve gotten to this is to add the jpeg format in the "publishing settings" window (which I can than turn into a PDF file right?), but for some reason the jpeg file is not showing up on my computer (I also cant preview SWF file because it only appears to be accessible when I am using the file during editing).


      thanks for reading!