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    suddenly my published presentations won't open

    becky a. edmondson

      After months of no problems, suddenly my published presentation won't load. When I click index.htm, the adobe icon just spins endlessly.


      The data folder does contain swfs for all the slides.


      I have the 7.0.7 version. I haven't done anything unusual to any of the slides lately--just have been beavering away, adding and editing content as usual. Never had any problems until now.


      Here's what I've tried--none of these actions made any difference:

      • repairing Presenter
      • uninstalling and reinstalling Presenter
      • saving as PPT and then publishing]
      • deleting all the quiz slides
      • deleting all the placeholders on my template slides (not a viable solution anyway, I am required to use a corporate template).


      What can I do? I am on a strict deadline, anyhelp will be appreciated.