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    Regarding import audio during 1080p sequence


      I have footage that i filmed at 30fps, and when i set up the project i set the settings to the "1080p 30fps" setting. Then,  i import my mp3 song onto the timeline and when i press the play button in the "preview window" the music plays but it starts to freeze up premiere. It doesnt let me stop the song or anything, so i have to close out of premier each time. Im not too sure how to get my audio to match the 48000hz that the 1080p mode requires, nor if thats what i even need to do to fix the problem.


      I can also not that while the music is playing one can see the time running along the timeline, but i play the song its not running down smoothly its glitching. Ex. instead of (00;01;01)00;(01;02) its jumping like (00;01;01)  (00;02;24) (00;03;12) etc...


      This is driving me crazy so any help would be much appreciated.