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    Horizontal Master Pages: Won't print right

    Brad_Simmons Level 1

      I have created a document with vertical as well as horizontal (ie landscape) master pages in ID CS5.


      I created a master page then set it up with a page size of 11" X 8.5". This worked beautifully - until I went to print.


      It printed my all of my pages vertically (portrait) even though the page size on one page was 11" X 8.5" The text and pictures just bled off of the right-hand side of my printed

      page. Why did this happen? What do I need to do to get ID to print this page with a horizontal (landscape) orientation?





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          tonyharmer Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Brad


          You'll probably need to print this in two runs. In the Print dialog look for the icon (see image below) that will select all of the pages matching the current page size - that will probably help!



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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Rather than create a landscape and portrait master in the same file, I would have rotated the spread view, which changes the screen view, but not the actual page and would not interfere with printing. I'm a little surprised, in some ways, that you are the first user to post about this that I remember, and it seems like such an obvious problem that I would have thought it would be more common.


            As a workaround, try exporting to PDF. The PDF is much more graceful at handling multiple sizes and orientations for printing -- set Acrobat to auto-rotate and center in the print dialog.