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    Making my animation stop looping (it should be really simple, right?)

    AndrewJSargent Level 1

      I am trying to achieve a simple thing really; I have made an animation and want it to stop looping at the end.

      A quick search of the internet reassured me that this is simply a matter of putting in a stop(); command in the script. Great!

      Errr.. no.


      Here is what I did:

      • I created a new layer for my script and called it 'Actions'
      • selected the final frame of the Actions layer and added a keyframe
      • selected said keyframe and opened windows->Actions
      • typed in stop(); and closed the window.


      Ok, so that apparently is all there is to it. Only, when I test the animation it doesn't move at all. it seems that the stop command executes right at the beginning and is constant throughout the whole timeline.

      Also, I noticed that the Actions layer has a small white circle/dot on frame 1 and on the final frame also. There is no small letter 'a' that should be there on the final frame, but I don't know why.

      So, what am I doing wrong?


      I realise that if I am struggling to do such a simple task it doesn't bode well for any further learning of actionscript. Which is a shame.


      Any help would be great, thanks.