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    Performance Issues - CFM/XML + BlazeDS

      Hello All,

      Currently I have been developing an application using Flex 2, Coldfusion, MSSQL. We have been using basic HTTP Services in MXML to retrieve the XML from the Coldfusion files. However, we have been facing performance issues when loading information into our datagrids. I have been doing some research into possibly using BlazeDS, and I have a few questions.

      Seeing that the majority of our application is written with HTTP Services, Coldfusion:

      1. Would using BlazeDS significantly increase performance?

      2. If so, would all of our Coldfusion have to be re-written into Java Objects? Or, could we somehow re-use what's been done to increase performance?

      3. If we did use BlazeDS, how difficult would it be to re-code all the HTTP services to utilize BlazeDS?

      Thanks for your time.