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    Timeline scrolls by itself on dual monitor system

    tunghoy Level 1

      Here's a minor (but somewhat annoying) issue maybe someone has an idea about. I'm running PPro CS 5 on Win 7 x64 with two, idential 24" screens, configured as one, large desktop, with the primary monitor on the left. Each screen is running at 1920 x1200, and PPro is stretched across the screens, so it has a long timeline.


      The annoying part is that if I play a sequence with the CTI starting anywhere in the first half of the left-hand (primary) monitor, the timeline all of a sudden scrolls all the way to the right end of the screen. The CTI then has to advance for a bit before it wraps back to the left side, again. Nothing gets changed in the sequence -- it's just that the scrollbar shifts around on its own. Running the screens at a lower resolution doesn't stop this, and is counterproductive, anyway.


      Has anyone else encountered this?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Not sure I understand the issue here.

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            tunghoy Level 1

            I knew this was going to be hard to describe, so I recorded a 7-second video of the timeline:



            The timeline you see is stretched over both monitors (it's about 1900 px wide, but reduced for this video). At 00:00, note the CTI starts near the left side of the timeline. After I press the spacebar to start playback, at 00:01 the whole sequence has scrolled to the right. You can clearly see a different section of the audio waveform is displayed, and the CTI is near the end. But then at 00:02, the CTI bumps into the end of the window, and the sequence scrolls back to where it started out a couple of seconds earlier, and then plays normally.


            What I'm trying to figure out is how to prevent the sequence from scrolling back and forth like that. If the CTI had started about 25% further to the right, this wouldn't happen.