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    Working on your local machine

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      To anyone insisting that they should be able to work with RH on a network, I offer this as a perfect example of the unexpected results of this folly:

      My boss absolutely needed to make a last-minute change to one of my projects after I had left on Friday. Working on my backup project on the server, he added content (six characters) in two places in the same topic, then generated and published the output. No problem, the changes appeared in the output. However my TOC, which he insists he never touched, took an unexpected hit!

      The top book of my TOC, which is all caps to match other categories in the merged project, simply disappeared. In other words, the outer UL item containing the top book no longer appeared in the HHC file, whereas all other books and pages survived the cut, so to speak.

      Since I fully expected to encounter more issues, I blew away the backup and made the content changes to the project on my machine, and regenerated and republished. I then copied a new backup to the server. Whew! Needless to say, I issued a firm reminder to the entire Doc team that they should never, never, never do this!

      Good luck,