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    Need to set Custom Toolbar in Reader 9 when viewed in IE7


      I'm deploying Reader 9.4 to XP SP3 workstations.  Using the Customization Wizard I was able to drag down registry keys that turned on the Select Tool and the Hand tool however these do not show up when viewing PDF's in IE7.  So on my test machine I open a PDF in IE7, right-click the PDF bar at the top of the PDF (not the IE toolbar) and can select the tools I want to add.  The Select tool and the Hand tool.  Fine.  Now that workstation has those tools forever.  Now for the rest of my 5000 deployments, I need to know where I can customize my deployment to do that?  I can't seem to find a registry entry that the Wizard lets me drag down.  I even dragged the entire HKey_Current_User\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\9.0 registry structure.  Still no joy.


      Anyone know how I can turn on these two tools as a deployment customization for viewing PDF's in IE7?