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    Setting Correct Sequence Presets with footage from Canon XA10? Always showing 29.97fps Confused!

    Kim Filmer

      I just got the Canon XA10 and new at Video editing. If I shoot in Cinamatic mode (24fps) or Auto (60i) etc.. When I import to my computer and Premier Pro it is showing my setting at 29.97 FPS on anything I shoot no matter what frame rate I shot in.


      I called Canon and they said not to worry that is is shooting in correct mode (nice answer) but has something to do with the way it converts it for NTS compliant, etc.. but I am confused that anything I import to computer and Premier Pro always show 29.97fps no matter if I shot it in 24, 60fps etc..


      Can someone clarify this for me as why it always shows this and what presets I should be using if I shot it in "Cinama" mode 24fps but it is showing 29.97fps in Premier pro?


      I have quality set in SP

      So when I import to Premier Pro or my computer my meta data is always showing no matter waht frame rate I set in camera when shooting. Running Windows.


      1140X1080 (1.3333)

      29.97fps 4800HZ


      Thank you!