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    editing vector files


      I am starting to port my design files from one design program into InDesign (CS5.5). I have editable .eps files but I can't seem to make InDesign break them apart. It lists each "grouped" eps files as a single layer. Any ideas how I can edit these eps files? Or is there a better vector graphic to use in the port than .eps? Thanks!

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          tonyharmer Adobe Community Professional

          The answer to both of your questions is Adobe Illustrator - which should be able to open your eps files and the better format to use is .ai



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            mckayk_777 Level 2

            As tony said illustrator is the adobe version of a vector editing program... but if you copy the eps from one program and paste into indesign you can then edit the vector based graphic in indesign (advise converting all stoke to outlines first), it is not ideal way and indesign is much more a layout program then a vector editing program but you can do some of the basics with it.