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    Help clearing project library


      Hello all,


      I'm trying to make the gradual leap into interactivity by learning Flash Catalyst CS5. That being said, I've made the mistake of importing a few of my compositions from Illustrator multiple times. I'm now trying to clean up my project library, but can't seem to delete a folder from the project library, only single items at a time. I can't express how irritating it is going to be down the line if I import an illustrator file with say...50 elements, and have to delete them individually from my library as opposed to just trashing the entire folder in one move.


      Any tips?


      Thanks in advance!


      Colin K


      Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 Mac version

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          Colin_Kenneth Level 1

          I'll add to this and perhaps be able to avoid having duplicates in my library in the first place...


          To start off with: I've been importing .AI files.


          In several instances, I have had to delete the state which I imported the file into, which removes the elements from the state, but not the library obviously. Now, I have all of those elements in the library, but cannot recreate the state with all of my formatting from illustrator unless I re-import the .AI file, which in turn creates a duplicate in the library.


          Anyone have any suggestions? I'd really like to learn the most efficient ways to use Catalyst, but keep running into terribly INefficient pitfalls like this.


          Thanks again!


          Colin K