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    moving objects along a path


      Greetings All,

          I have been through help files and a hand full of youtube videos, but still not clear.

      I would like to move text along a path, BUT, the text has been converted to individual objects in Ai.  So I want to bring a stream of cool different looking characters along a path to arrive at their position in the title screen for a video.

           In other words, I would like to create a path and assign each charater in a little train that creeps in a spiral.

           Thanks in advance for any clues.


      PS, how do I copy a jpeg into this post to illustrate my question?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To post an image click on the little camera icon in the format bar.


          It is possible to create a train of letters following a path. You can use expressions, parenting, tie them to a null, do all kinds of things. When we see the image we can give you a solution.

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            Chip_C Level 1

            Thanks Rick, you have helped me before, you really have this stuff figured out.

            Here is the screen I want to animate--maybe this font comes like this, but I think it was stylized in Ai.screen-capture-2.png

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              So you want the characters/letters to move onto the screen and stop in that shape?  Or something like that?

              One of the ways Rick mentioned is pretty good for starters.  Bring in all the characters as separate layers.  Create a null object and draw it a path to follow.  Then you can make all the letters children of that null object layer and offset them to your liking and they'll follow the path (if I'm not terribly mistaken)


              That might be a bit rudimentry and crude, but it's probably where I'd start playing with this stuff.