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    Flexmojos / Maven version vs .swz version - no textLayout_4.5.1.21328.swz?

    Adrian Parker

      Hi everyone


      we build an app using FlexMojos / Maven. Our app is at Flex SDK


      We have a dependency on textLayout configured in pom.xml and FlexMojos happily resolves the dependency during builds, like so:




      which retrieves the .swc from here

      https://repository.sonatype.org/content/groups/flexgroup/com/adobe/fle x/framework/textLayout/

      and all is well.



      However when the app is run in a browser, we see a request to


      http://fpdownload.adobe.com/pub/swz/flex/ 21328.swz


      errors with 404 file not found.


      Next we see a request to


      http://fpdownload.adobe.com/pub/swz/tlf/ .swz


      which does load OK.


      I'd like to get rid of that 404 upon app startup. How do I do this?


      If I change the version in the Maven dependenct to 2.0.0. or even it fails as this does not exist in the sonatype repository.


      Has anyone seen this before, or has any ideas or clues I could follow up? Am I a little confused about something?

      Any assistance most gratefully received.


      best regards


      [Apologies for duplicating the post here from TLF, it was suggested I do so]