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    Update catalog prices?




      I have what seems to be a small problem. I want to be able to link prices from an excel file into a finished catalog layout in indesign making it easier to update. Problem is Im totally new to scripting and the datamerge options within indesign dont cut it since the layout in the catalog is so varied.


      I took a brief look at the diffrent plugins for catalog production available but its a bit too pricey for just this production.


      Sorry if its been discussed before, I cant really figure out what to search for in the forum.




      /Oscar Norling, Sweden

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          Fred Goldman Level 3

          Doing stuff like this is not trivial which is why the plugins are so expensive.


          Challenges that have to be overcome is how do you recognize records correspond to which Excel cell. Other problems are keeping formatting.


          Have you looked at DataLinker from Teacup? It is a nice balance of features and price.


          Another option that might work for you is dtptools.com Active Tables. You can put the Excel table on the pasteboard and then move the values to where they ned to be in your document. Then when you update the table that is on the pasteboard all the values throughout the document will also get updated.