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    Digital Formats problems


      I have attempted to export a book to both the Kindle format (with Amazon's beta add-in) and the "Digital Editions" in InDesign CS4, and both have the same problem, so I'm assuming I need to figure out what is wrong with my formatting, and it has nothing to do with the Amazon add-in (which was my first though until I tried the epub export).


      I've been using InDesign CS4 for about 4 years, but am totally self-taught.  That means, I'm sure, that I have a lot of errors in my files that I can overlook because they output properly to PDF (which is how I've done the books exclusively up to now), but are showing problems when I get to the digital versions.  They almost all have to do with chapter numbers.


      Each chapter is of course a separate file, and there is a text box at the top of each chapter that just has the Chapter Number and Chapter Name - so like this:


      1          Preparing for Your Upgrade


      I have some cross-reference definitions that are "Chapter #, Chapter Name".


      I have some paragraph formats that are "Figure ^H-^#:"


      So, when I output this to digital format (either Kindle or epub), the Chapter Number does not appear either in the TOC or indeed on the first line of the chapter.  I just see the chapter name.  The number is also dropped from the cross reference, so it just becomes "Chapter , blah blah".  And two problems with the figure captions.  I only get the figure number (not the chapter number), and the caption wraps around the figure.  So, for example, Figure 3-1 will show like this:


      1:  FIGURE HERE rest of caption

      wrapped if too long.


      Interestingly, my cross references for figures, that might say "See Figure 3-1" actually do show the Chapter number.


      As I say, I'm convinced that I just have "junk" in my formatting that is causing trouble, but since I don't know exactly what I'm looking for, I'm a little lost.


      Thanks for any help you can give!



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          Daniel Flavin Level 4

          I'll step in only as no replies have come forth, I do not have experience with digital editions.

          CS4 was the first release to support any Digital Editions, and it was far from up to the fast evolving standards.

          Also frequently noted in these forums is that InDesign is not 100% bulletproof at cross references in Book Documents; indb.

          CS5.5 would improve support for your project, assembling the document as one long document, and not using the book pallet would improve the cross refs, and typically, ID's digital editions output needs to be cleaned up with perhaps Siglos (?) or an html editor.



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            danitaz Level 1

            While I'm not adverse to upgrading (after all, I've had this for quite awhile, and it's probably time!), I'm not keen to upgrade and find out that it really was just something silly I was doing in my formats.  I have really no problems with cross-references, TOC, numbering, etc. in general when I'm preparing the documens for PDF output, so I really might just be doing something wrong that isn't obvious to me since it works for my initial purposes.


            I'm going to download the 5.5 trial, make a copy of the book directory and just give it a shot and see what happens.  If I can't get better results with 5.5, then I might have to find someone who can look at my files and tell me what I've done wrong.





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              danitaz Level 1

              So, I downloaded the CS5.5 trial, and I'm sure I will find things I really like in it, but it didn't solve the problem of the missing chapter numbers in the cross references.  I'm just going to have to do some hunting :-)



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                danitaz Level 1

                I've found a pretty good tutorial at lynda.com about InDesign and ePub publishing, and I'm thinking this is going to show me what needs to be done.  If it's not too verbose when I'm done, I'll report back here!