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    PRS650 autorisation without Reader Library?


      Win7, PRS650.

      Downloaded free ebooks copied them to ereader, all ok.


      Now I like to buy ebooks.

      Installed ADE, autorised pc: so far OK.

      Download book with DRM (free ebook samples at the adobe site), which can be read on pc screen (within ADE).

      Connected PRS650 with USB nothing happened*.

      Tried another usb port: still no autorisation question from ADE to autorise the ereader.

      I don't see any icon in ADE or option to store the ebook to the ereader.


      I refuse to install Reader Library software from Sony (crap).

      Question: is it possible to autorise/recognise the PRS650 only using ADE?



      *except that Windows give two autoplay popups with "what do you want to do with those drives?" When I use explorer I have access to READER and SETTINGS drive of the PRS650.