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    PRS650 autorisation without Reader Library?


      Win7, PRS650.

      Downloaded free ebooks copied them to ereader, all ok.


      Now I like to buy ebooks.

      Installed ADE, autorised pc: so far OK.

      Download book with DRM (free ebook samples at the adobe site), which can be read on pc screen (within ADE).

      Connected PRS650 with USB nothing happened*.

      Tried another usb port: still no autorisation question from ADE to autorise the ereader.

      I don't see any icon in ADE or option to store the ebook to the ereader.


      I refuse to install Reader Library software from Sony (crap).

      Question: is it possible to autorise/recognise the PRS650 only using ADE?



      *except that Windows give two autoplay popups with "what do you want to do with those drives?" When I use explorer I have access to READER and SETTINGS drive of the PRS650.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Sounds like a sequence problem, although you've had no problems before.


          Make sure you plug in your PRS650 and have it recognised by your computer

          before you start ADE.  When you do start ADE, look on the SONY's screen to

          make sure that it indicates it's interfacing with ADE.  THEN try to do the

          transfer.  It should work....


          Hope that helps!


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            au2top Level 1

            Thanks for your reaction.


            1. To be sure I installed ADE on another WIN7 computer.

            2. started ADE

            3. autorised computer

            4. downloaded trial book from Adobe URLLink.acsm

            5. dubbelclick on the .acsm file

            6. ADE recognise and downloaded the content (.epub)

            7. Could read book in ADE

            8. In ADE back to library view

            9. Connected the PRS-650 ereader (ereader screen shows the usual "USB connected" symbol and "Battery is charging".

            10. Got the well known WIN7 autoplay popups (but cancled them all out).

            11. ADE does nothing. No question like "should I autorise this ereader?"

            12. After several minutes closed ADE

            13. Start, Devices and printers

            14. In the "Devices" area the "Sony Digital Book Reader" (exact text) was listed with an icon of an external hard disk.

            15. Started ADE again.

            16. Waited for a popup  like "shoud I autorise this ereader" or so...(but nothing happens)

            17. Waited

            18. Waited

            19. ....


            BTW: if ADE ask to do some settings on my WIN7 computer I allowed him to do so.


            Two computers, two installations, two "no responses".

            Thinking that must be in the ereader?

            Must I perform some step in the ereader to prepare it as a ADE compatible device?\

            When I go, in my PRS650, to home, configuration, about it says "Adobe DRM: this device is not yet autorised for Adobe DRM content"

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              This is odd behaviour.


              Check the ADE Help file (F1 key) and see how they authorize a device.

              Then, with the PRS650 attached and active, start ADE and perform the

              authorization sequence.  ADE 'should' know the device is attached.



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                au2top Level 1

                Thanks FiAZ forr your help.


                I've reading the F1 for a thousand of times or so, did every stepp (it is stupid simple) but no success at all.



                This is the text from Adobe/F1:

                Adobe Digital Editions allows you to transfer items from your library to a supported eReader device.

                (>>PRS650 is supported)

                Connect the supported eReader device to your computer and launch Digital Editions.

                (>> I did)

                Digital Editions automatically detects the presence of your device and offers to authorize it with your Adobe ID.

                (>> That did not happen)

                If you have not authorized Digital Editions with your computer (>>I did autorise my computer), you will need to complete that first (Digital Editions guides you through that process: View the Activation and Authorization topic). (>>not needed, i did autorise my computer, before based on that topic)

                Both Digital Editions and the device must be authorized to be able to transfer protected content to and from the device.

                (>>yes I know)

                Unprotected content can be transferred... etc. not relevant stuff.


                So if I installed ADE on two different computers from scratch (never insalled ADE before on them, and both computers are relative new/clean), both computers were autorised with the same account and that process worked without a hitch, then I think, is there something with my PRS650?


                Do I have to do some pre-configuration or pre-autorisation my PRS650?


                I emphasis that DRM free books were stored on this ereader by drag & drop in WIN7 explorer and that worked right away!

                I used Calibre too, and transfered DRM free ebooks and freee newspapers too, all ok.


                Frustrated as I am, because we can't read bought ebooks, I picked up another ereader we have. A Sony PRS350.

                You guessed: problem is same. If I had plugged him before or while ADE was run, it doesn't matter, no recognition of the ereader from ADE.


                If someone has an idea...

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                  au2top Level 1

                  FiAZ: thank you for your promptly help.

                  In the end I found the answer myself.


                  It turns out that the solutions was the opposite of my subject of this discussion.

                  So, is it possible to work with ADE without having Sony's reader library installed?

                  The answer I found out (in my case is): no.

                  As soon as I installed sony's reader library, it works.

                  The PRS350 was recognised by ADE immediatly.

                  Stoped ADE, started ADE, it still saw my PRS350.

                  Then I removed Sony's reader library software.

                  Started ADE, but it didn't recognise the ereader.

                  I installed reader library again, then it works flawlessly again.

                  When you connect the ereader the reader library pop's up.

                  I hated that.

                  So, in the registry of WIN7 (with regedit.exe) I deleted all references (and things just below if I thought it was related) to "reader library.exe" just search, delete, and continue searching with F3 (be wise make a export of the complete registry first just in case).

                  Then I rebooted WIN7, started ADE, connected the ereader and voilla (sony's reader library didn't started).

                  I connected the other PRS650 and promptly ADE asked "shall I authorise this ereader?".

                  I'm happy.

                  I think that the reader library installation deliveres a dll or driver or such, that is needed by ADE.

                  The actual program (reader library) have not to be active.

                  When you remove the program, then this "thing" (dll, driver or what) is removed also and you are back to square one.


                  Happy reading!

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                    Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                    Help also gives you some keyboard commands to accomplish various tasks

                    including authorising a device.  I don' t know if it will work if ADE

                    doesn't show the PRS650, but it's worth a try after you have gone through

                    the sequence of attaching the SONY, getting the computer software to

                    recognise it and then launching Digital Editions.  THAT's what I meant -

                    sorry if I wasn't clear enough and made it sound like I was preaching or



                    Normally, I'd try the process to make sure it would work, but I don't have

                    the problem so I can't duplicate your situation.  Sorry!