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    RoboHelp 9 - Self-authoring Features?

    mraymond22 Level 1

      I've developed a number of online Help solutions for a company-internal audience and there have been a few requests to create a more Wiki-like interface/experience where the user base or audience may be able to self-author some of the content (or in the most liberal scenario . . . upload new content).


      Other than what RoboHelp Server might provide in the way of commenting, has anyone else had to deal with the burgeoning social technology aspects of their online Help and offered any form of self-authoring to its users.


      As it is, we have a separate enterprise-wide Wiki where we're hoping users can engage in discussions and the like, but then look to the published RoboHelp environment for the more vetted and "final" word on relevant user assistance content.


      Curious if anyone knows something that might help or perhaps share their own experiences/solutions?