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    CS5 Photoshop - Paste in Place

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      Does Photoshop CS5 have a way where you can copy layers into another file. Like Paste in Place? I know you can drag onto other files but it is not exact. How can you do it exactly like InDesign? I have two psds, home and secondary page. I adjusted the position of the logo on one page and not the other. Just want them to be in the same position.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Into a file No.


          However menu Layers>Duplicate Layer (shortcut Shift+Ctrl+Q) then in the pop-up dialog you can select a an opened document from the pulldown menu that is diffrent then the active document. You see Photoshop is a document editor not a file editor.


          You also need to be aware that there may a differences in size betweem documents. If the documents do not have the same dpi resilution when you copy the layer  the size of you logo will be different.  For example if you have two 8" x 10" images one 300 DPI the other 200 DPI copying a 200 DPI logo into the 300 dpi image the logo will be smaler then in the 200dpi image  copying a 300dpi logo into the 200dpi image the logo would be larger then in teh 300dpi image. Layers can have different sizes. When the Layer is copied the full layer is copied no resizing option. Once copied it can be transformed and positioned.


          What happens when you duplicate a 1"x1" red logo from a 4x6 300dpi image to a 4x6 200dpi image. 300px = 1" in a 300DPI image 300PX in a 200DPI image = 1.5" you can see the positon changes from 1" in and down to 1.5" in and down and the size changes from 1" x 1" to 1.5" x 1.5".




          IMO if you want to place a logo on images you best off writting a script or recording an action to place in your logo sizeing it and positioning it for the current document.


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            Shift-dragging the Layer from the one image’s window to the other’s should also work provided the two images have the same pixel-dimensions.

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              The best way would be to duplicate the layer to the other document.

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                Awesome tip! Thanks!