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    Loading external swf


      I am re-creating an actual photo album digitally with lots of interaction and photos in Flash Catalyst. Can I create a button that will load an external swf since the projects are large and I will need to break them apart. I have not found a way to do this yet, any thoughts ?


      Thanks for any ideas !

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Not from within Flash Catalyst. Flash Catalyst does support importing SWFs, but I suspect that it will not work as you might want.


          For functionality like that you are going to have to take your project into Flash Builder and extend it with ActionScript.


          I personally would suggest that you look at using basic HTML and some jQuery to recreate want you want to present. It will have a wider audience when done (ie: ipads)




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            photokrue9 Level 1

            This will be running on a local computer in a flash viewer, not online. I have recreated each page as a swf in Flash Catalyst. Each page has a button to click on to navigate to the next page (swf file). I have looked for code all over the internet but have yet to find anything that works. Thanks for your previous answer and I appreciate any further ideas.