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    There are some strange problems when i used swc files in my as3 project

    foodyi627 Level 1

      Hello everyone,


              My development environment:  fdk4.0,  flash cs5.5,  I publish fla file by using flash cs5.5,   publish setting is  fp version :10.0&10.1 ->swc. I imported swc files to my as3 project and  complied them by using flex sdk4.0. When i run my project,fp was crash.   when i republished on fp 10.2, the project works. Is there any reason?

              another strange problem, for example   a MovieClip's aslink named "A" in swc, it has a textfield named "subText".  I write code like below:

                              var mc:A = new A();

                              mc.subText.text = "test";  

               when mc called "subText" , fp throws null property error, it can't find  subText..  very small number of movieclips have this problem,  I sloved this by duplicating a new one and rename it.

               but i don't  know why ? 



                thank you for your reply.