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    Hi all, Adobe Reader X (10.1.1) for multi user access


      In the last week I have been asking the Adobe group for any way to customize the Adobe Reader X (10.1.1) and there is not answer from them unfortunately. I have been in the customer service, tier 2, sales adn no body in this Company knows how to get to the developers or engineers to customize or modify the registry or make this work.


      Basically we have a server 2003 and 2008 environment running Citrix and users are getting a screenshot from the servers but when the go to Sharepoint and try to open any PDF the PDF opens as browser. The users wants to open the PDF file as PDF instead of browser.


      I modified the way PDF opens:




      From the PDF on the server: Edit/Preferences/Internet/Uncheck PDF open in browser/Save/Close


      It works for my session but if a different user tries to log on to the same server the settings do not work.


      We setup the customize wizard into the installer and it didn't work


      I need the Adobe reeader version X (10.1.1) opens as PDF instead of browser for multi user access environment.


      Is there any way to make this happen by modifying the registry? If so, How?


      I really appreciate your help on this one.