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    Digital app (tablet) color workflow

    Marie Koller



      I am interested in learning what existing (print) publishers do in terms of handling image content for their digital editions? For example, a print publisher may currently prepare (color work, retouch etc.) 150 (high quality photographs) per print issue each month. Assuming they are using a CMYK workflow in creating the print version. Generally speaking, how is the content then repurposed for tablet publishing? Are the images simply picked up from the print archive converted from CMYK to RGB placed in InDesign then published as a tablet app??? Or, do print publishers generally maintain two separate image workflows; one for CMYK (print) and the other as an RGB worlfow for digital editions? Any advise, suggestions, or first-hand knowledge is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Marie, this particular Forum is set up to address questions concerning the

          transfer and library functions built into Adobe Digital Editions software.

          We deal with ebooks in various formats, but not with the basic content and

          the way the publisher may arrange colours in his publications.  I'm not

          sure that anyone here understands the question, much less can address