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    Understanding frame rates...


      Hello all,


      I am fairly new to the realm of video editing, and I have just spent 9 hours of my day studying frame rates....  and I am still left with some brain busting questions.  So, Here we go......


      Id like to start off by saying that I do understand what a frame rate is,  and I have also come to understand the difference between interlaced and progressive.  I am shooting with a canon xh-a1 HDV 1080i at 30fps.   So far what Ive been reading has been telling me that if I am going to export my media from premiere for play on the web, that I should deinterlace my footage to clear up some of the blurriness.  Is this true?  Ive also read that deinterlacing combines the two interlaced frames into one, so if my sequence is set to 30fps, wouldnt that now leave me with 15fps?


      Also, what happens if my footage is shot in 1080i and i set my sequence for 1080p?  Does premiere automatically deinterlace the footage for me?  Should I always deinterlace when shooting at 1080i?


      Is it ok to deinterlace when shooting 24fps?


      Apologies for the bombardment of questions but this is all very confusing to me, and if someone could help me out it would be much appreciated.