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    Generating and managing license keys

    new2oop Level 1

      I've created an application using flex builder and have created a exe and dmg file for installing from a CD. How do I limit the installs from the CD. The CD is likely to be mounted on a machine with no internet connection so I can't use a live online registration. My website is on adobe business catalyst so no php out other

      scripting possible.

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          John Hall Level 4

          You can only limit (to some degree) the number of installs on the same machine (I guess I'd try a shared object). However, without any net connection or way to capture data across machines. I can't even think of a way to solely limit the number of installs.If you're trying to sell a product via CD, there are several solutions, from Internet-based repositories for the client to download their setup  file that has to be matched to a password issued by you to pretty (overly) complex serity approaches using a dongle. Can you provide a bit more info about the scenario you're talking about?

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            new2oop Level 1

            Thanks for the quick feedback. I'm not concerned about determined  hacking,

            there's no protection from that but something that would prevent casual

            sharing of the CD would be fine. ideally just a wrapper for The exe or dmg,

            that requires a code. Any suggestions? A 3rd party solution would be fine.