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    Lion 10.7 Firefox 8.0 Can't Install Flash Player


      I'm having all kinds of trobule with sites...my IGoogle page and on and on and just happened to notice tonight that Firefox was guessing I had Flash Player. I had downloaded it a week ago. (.dmg file osx)Tonight I have downloaded it 3 times and installed it 3 times and uninstalled it 3 times. I double click the .dmg, double click the installated icon, agree, quit or choose Firefox.   It installs to 100%.  It says installation is successful but then I go to applications or search the whole computer and all I see is the Install Flash!!!!  Am I downloading the correct one?  I'm a basic Mac user and an old lady and am completely lost.

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          I am having the same problem.  I have Mac OS 10.7 and have installed and uninstalled Adobe Flash Player many times, restarted my computer between each installation and uninstallation.  I have been researching on the web and it seems for this operating system we need Flash Player 10.3.  I tried to download it from Adobe but it turned out it was FP 11.  Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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            Thanks for replying, Chlytie.  This 71 yr old lady doesn't feel so alone out here with this problem! A couple of days ago a tech at Apple tried to help me with Firefox which I know they weren't supposed to do.  Maybe I'll call again and get lucky with an Adobe app.  I, also, researched and see Flash and other Adobe apps  have been a known problem with Lion since the beginning.  I was going to buy Elements soon but I think I'll hold off until Flash is solved.  No wonder it was not preinstalled.  I was sure it was with at least my last 3-4 Macs.  That should have been the first hint.  So many sites I use depend on it.  I'll certainly come back here and let you know if I find a solution and hope you will to.  Thanks...Mac people have been helping me out for 30 some yrs.  You're all the nicest people!

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              puppypat1 Level 1

              I'm back as promised.  I got mine installed.  I only got to the 1st level for Apple phone support( my Mac is only 1 wk old and I have free phone support).  I said this was not just an Adobe problem but a basic requirement of Lion...ie to install Flash to use the internet.  I also told him it just wasn't Firefox but Safari also.  This is what worked for me....downloading osx.dmg  installing it. (It always did say it was successful but I could never find it in applications or even the HD after installing it.  (Somehow, I don't remember how, when I was originally setting all the System Preferences I was able to install the HD in the upper right hand corner.  It made me feel at home. Boy am I glad I did!) Of course the tech    didn't want me to go in there but I did. Anyway,  I thought the installation said restart the browser...maybe it didn't.  The tech had me restart the computer.  I did and then I quick   went into the HD and the plug-in is there. (But only the installer still shows up in Applications or "All files"). Went and played a You Tube to double check and it worked. Hope this works for you.  Doesn't look like any support from Adobe is on the horizon......

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                Just reread your reply and you DID restart the computer.  Can you go to the HD?  PS  the download (png)  I had did not say intel it said osx.

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                  Hi again,

                  I have a question about this thing you downloaded:  what is osx.dmg?

                  I also called apple (i have applecare and my computer is new) but they said adobe problems were not their terrain, and that i should talk to adobe.  Adobe charges $45. per call, so obviously I will not call them.  I do feel that this is not solely an adobe problem, as obviously many people with this operating system are having the same problem and I am going to call Apple and complain, as they should really be dealing with this.



                  I asked my friends and someone who had the same problem told me to just uninstall and then re-install my browsers:  safari and firefox.  She also recommends google Chrome.  I have reinstalled Firefox and can now play videos on Youtube.  I will try to uninstall/reinstall Safari tomorrow... basically I am not sure how to do it yet. 


                  I would still like to understand what you did and try that as well. 

                  Oh and by the way, I have Adobe Flash Player 11 and at least on Firefox, it is working.



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                    Since your Apple is new I'm assuming you have Lion.  Hopefully, you've upgraded to Lion 10.7.2. if necessary.  Forgive me if you know all this already... To find out what version you have go Apple icon top left and pull down to About This Mac.  It will show you what version of Lion you have. If it's not 10.7.2 ,again, on the Apple pull down go to Software Update. 


                    dmg - I used to download to my own file and now use the default Download file. On your Apple when you download any application from the internet it goes into your download file.  You probably have something on the right of your doc that looks like a piece of paper called Downloads. I took mine off.  It's easier to see if you go to the Finder-far left icon on the dock and double click Downloads.  If you downloaded an application to install it's in there with a file name ending with .dmg.  I thought all my previous systems from Apple starting with System X automatically opened these .dmg files and showed a window with the install Icon for application.  Mine doesn't....haven't pursued that yet.   I'm sorry if this is all talking down to you. I know I hate it when people do that to me!


                    I had to go into my HD to find out but, yes, my Flash Player is Version  Version 11

                    Here’s what someone on the Apple Support board says about uninstalling Safari:


                    Thanks for passing on the tips. I am off to explore more about Chrome. I’ll also, reinstall the new Firefox. It’s a nightmare….not remembering homepage, user ids, passwords.  I’m fighting using Safari.