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    Just installed Quadro 4000 Mac, now Premiere crashes when I try to open existing project


      Mac Pro 4,1

      Premiere Pro 5.5

      OS X 10.6.8


      I just replaced the stock ATI card with a PNY Quadro 4000 for Mac.


      Via CUDA Preferences, have updated CUDA driver to 4.0.50

      GPU driver is (256.02.25f01)


      When I try to open any existing Premiere project, Premiere crashes.


      This happens whether I'm running the OS X 32-bit kernel or the 64-bit kernel.


      If I launch Premiere and create a new project, Premiere seems to run OK. (I haven't yet tried adding any content or working with the content.)


      As you can imagine, the only reason I shelled out for the CUDA-capable card was to take advantage of the hardware acceleration in Mercury. So ... not a very satisfying "upgrade" so far.


      Any clues?

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