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    Help! Premiere Pro runaway timeline playback with multicam and Cineform Neo clips




      I have experienced a problem with a "runaway timeline" in Premiere Pro CS5.5 - not always, but fairly often. Once playback begins, nothing short of restarting the computer can stop it.  I don't know if this is a bug that needs fixing or something else.  I am a recent Mac / FCP7 switcher to the Adobe product line.


      My machine is a Sandy Bridge i7 quad core chip on Windows 7 with 16GB of RAM.  I do not have an Nvidia card in the system yet.  I am running Premiere Pro 5.5 using a multicam timeline with Cineform Neo clips at 1080p (four camera angles).  The initial "live edit" of the multicam went well, and I am now trying to go back and tweak the exact edits.  Playing back the multicam sequence to check the program edits has resulted in three "lock ups" where nothing will stop the playback (video and audio), not the space bar, mouse, escape key, nothing.  The mouse still moves normally but none of the buttons in Premiere Pro "click".  Interestingly, I can open other programs and hit restart on the computer, but the timeline just keeps on playing.  All clips are converted to Cineform Neo at 1080p.  The computer is showing 56% of CPU being used and roughly 45% of RAM.


      I don't what other info would apply - no other apps are open when this happens and none were open before this (clean boot with Premiere being the first and only program run).


      If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix or avoid this, I would be very appreciative.


      Thank you in advance,

      Videoguy 16x9

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          You have a decent system.  Why the Cineform conversion?  Have you tried things using the original media?

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            Videoguy16x9 Level 1

            Hi Jim,


            Thank you for your reply.  I like the machine, and I did try the clips without converting but the HDV and DSLR clips alongside the XDCAM clips all in one multiclip really didn't flow so well.  I also love First Light for color grading and correction (part of Cineform Neo) - the color correction is all in the metadata, so there is no slow down or drag on the system during playback.


            I have an OWC 4TB RAID connected via eSata which should be plenty fast, especially on the Sandy Bridge chipset and 16GB of RAM, but the clips just didn't feel light or zippy.  Coming from a Final Cut Pro background, I'm so used to transcoding everything to ProRes (and I used to be on Adobe and then Vegas so I was used to Cineform's workflow), that going back to Cineform seemed like a good solution.  Cineform is also the format we are using as a mastering format for program materials.


            It all plays very well, the four cameras in the multiclip, the trouble is that as I'm watching the playback of the mixed multiclip, it just keeps on playing.  Nothing stops it, it's very weird.  Especially since it continues to playback perfectly and I can also open other apps and work around in them (trying to unstick Premiere).  Still the timeline continues to play, perfect video and sound without skipping a beat.  I haven't let it reach the end (long form program) so I don't know how that would affect it.  I wish I knew if it was a Premiere thing, a Cineform thing or something in the cross talk.  In any case, I seem to be the only one with this weird side effect.......

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              Videoguy16x9 Level 1

              I am still getting used to Windows having come over from the Macs and Final Cut Pro (may it rest in peace).  I guess I was expecting some sort of notice when updates were available.


              The long story short, I was using version 5.5.0 of Premiere and updated to the latest version at the suggestion of Jake Seagraves over at Cineform - and I haven't had the problem again.  If you haven't had the opportunity to work with the guys at Cineform, they are great to work with and very responsive.  And for my humble opinion, Cineform is one of the best mastering codecs for Premiere.


              In any case, you can mark this one as solved.  I'll just have to remember to manually look for updates once in awhile.


              Thanks to all!