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    Turning audio on/off


      I am authoring three video sequences in Encore CS5.1 (for one DVD) and would like to add a button in the main menu allowing to turn audio on and off (I have just one audio track) for all sequencies.

      I did find the feature to change the language whenever I have more than one language track. But in my case I have just one audio track.


      And my second question: can I built the following thing in Encore: After looking my video (on DVD) with audio track is on, is it possible to go back to the main menu to turn off the audio and go back where I came from?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          1. Use the MUTE button on the remote of your player.

          2. Don't bother, #1 takes care of that.

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            Nicomil2000 Level 1

            Well. Sometimes life is much easier than one thinks.

            This is the solution I was thinking about too. I just thought it is more comfortable to mute on the DVD. So when leaving the DVD you still have 'audio on' on the player (TV).


            Anyway: thanks for your (prompt!) answer.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The Mute button is the cleanest, and easiest way to eliminate Audio, but if you wished to do so, via a Menu on the DVD, you could create a silent Audio Stream (what Neil Wilkes calls Black Audio), and include that as either the Primary Audio Stream (not what I would choose) on the DVD, or as a Supplemental Audio Stream (my choice), and link that (just like you would for other languages, etc.) from a Menu with a "Mute Audio" Button. Still, doing it at the hardware level is much cleaner, and is much less work.


              Good luck,