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    PPro CS5.5.2 Errors out on mercury playbak

    Andrey V Level 2

      I would like to ask Adobe What happened?. I have system nicely configured with GTX470 and It worked fine until now.

      I'm getting this error.

      Adobe Premiere Pro Error_2011-11-18_01-10-23.jpg

      I have last saved this project yesterday and the engine was happy and working fine. Nothing been changed on system at all but why this happens?

      Another problem I'm getting is that I cannot create a BD disks. Encore will not burned disk giving me Error code "3" Note; (what ever that means)

      and it would not create an image eater giving me error code "6"


      Error creating disk immage Adobe Encore CS5.jpg


      AVCHD has been send to Encore from Premiere via Dynamic link and it would give the error 3 right before closing disk.

      Transcode settings are H.264 1080i 25mpbs audio is lpcm (I also tried dolby 256mbps gives me same error)

      I have transcoded project from premiere using same settings and encore will not burn it to disk. I have 400mb of a free space on the disk is this not enough? or what is the deal?

      And now the mercury is not working what is going on?