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    Fuzzy Type on SWF output from InDesign




      Like some others on this forum I'm getting very badly rendered lettering when outputing SWFs from InDesign CS5.5. It's almost as if they're rasterised despite having checked those settings many times. If the PDF is displayed at 100% or smaller it's OK but if the SWF scales the text renders very badly. (SWFs from Flash are fine.)


      I've done all the usual things in the settings boxes (and have also tried outlining text etc)


      Anyone got any thoughts?

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          I have had this same problem. I finally found a slolution. I saved a file in InDesign CS4...

          In InDesignCS4 go to File > Adobe PDF Presets [PDF/X-1a: 2001] (select it)


          Save the PDF and open it if it doesn't open automatically.

          In the menu bar of the opened PDF( I'm using Adobe Acrobat ProCS4) go to Edit > Preferences


          In the Preferences dialog menu under categories: select Page Display and set the resolution to Custom Resolution 300 Pixels/ inch


          I also checked Edit > Preferences> under Categories: Convert from PDF> Ecapsulated Postscript was the top selection and was on a grey background. In the box on the right with the Edit Settings... button below it I checked to see that I had Use maximum avalable JPeg Image Resolution:True and Line Art and Text: 1200


          I also checked to make sure Transparency Flattener Preset was set to [High Resolution] in InDesign


          I hope this helps some of you...