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    SkinnableComponent does not react to state changes


      (Flex 4.5) I'm finding that SkinnableTextBase will change its styles according to the CSS file when it changes state, but SkinnableComponent won't. Why?


      Here's what I do. I create a class which extends SkinnableTextBase like this:


      public function MySTB() {


          states = new Array();


          for each (var name:String in ["inactive", "active"]) {

              var state:State = new State();

              state.name = name;





      I create another class which is the same, but which extends SkinnableComponent.


      In the CSS I tell them to have a green background when they are in the "active" state:


      customLabel|MySTB:active, customLabel|MySCom:active {

          content-background-color: #ccffcc;



      And I give both of them basically the same skin.


      When I call setCurrentState("active") on each of them, the SkinnableTextBase changes its background colour, but the SkinnableComponent doesn't. Why not? I would like to base a component on SkinnableComponent and need it to respond to state changes.