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    SkinnableComponent does not react to state changes

    Fletchgqc Level 1

      (Flex 4.5) I'm finding that SkinnableTextBase will change its styles according to the CSS file when it changes state, but SkinnableComponent won't. Why?


      Here's what I do. I create a class which extends SkinnableTextBase like this:


      public function MySTB() {


          states = new Array();


          for each (var name:String in ["inactive", "active"]) {

              var state:State = new State();

              state.name = name;





      I create another class which is the same, but which extends SkinnableComponent.


      In the CSS I tell them to have a green background when they are in the "active" state:


      customLabel|MySTB:active, customLabel|MySCom:active {

          content-background-color: #ccffcc;



      And I give both of them basically the same skin.


      When I call setCurrentState("active") on each of them, the SkinnableTextBase changes its background colour, but the SkinnableComponent doesn't. Why not? I would like to base a component on SkinnableComponent and need it to respond to state changes.