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    Can I transfer a Master Collection CS4 license?



      I have bought used Master Collection CS4 full commercial edition in April 2011. Then, the license transfer procedure was simpler than now (Order number was not required). Now I wanted to sell this program, but the answer during the procedure was:


      Hello XXX, Thank you for contacting Adobe. The email is regarding the Transfer of license, I have checked and see that the

      invoice you have submitted says that the product was purchased from ebay auction. I am sorry to say this ebay is not an Adobe

      authorized reseller. Since the product wasn't purchased from an authorized Adobe reseller we are unable to transfer the license for

      Adobe Master collection CS4. I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Your Customer Id is YYY, please provide this

      number to us if you contact us in future.


      Does that mean that I could have sold this software to someone before the changes in License Transfer rules, but now I can't do it?..