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    InDesign and Database Synergy?




      I produce a 200pg. catalog for our company and we are looking into ways to make the process more efficient. The catalog consists of many parts that have varying descriptions and charts (tables). I'm pretty proficient with ID and I've done most everything to streamline the process but now they want to explore the option of tying in the descriptions/part#/pricing with our internal database.

      Is this possible and what are the limitations? In addition, what are the premier add-ons for ID that can accomplish this?


      I would appreciate if anyone could share their experiences or advice. Not sure if this is the way to being that  our catalog is not completely template driven. Pages and sections to vary widely in layout. Thank you for any help!



      Erick P.

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          Hi btxtech,


          We purchased EasyCatalog and it is a great product and awesome customer service. We are using it for our parts catalog. Course our catalog is for the most part the same template, only with changing colors..ect... But with EasyCatalog, you can accomplish just about anything!! And again, I can't express enough how great the customer service is. You email them, they answer...you can even send them files and they can figure out what you are doing wrong and show you how to get what you are looking for! Below is the link.....